Recent changes in Java security policy might prevent you from running VARNA.
Check out this page for details and ways to solve the problem.

If you find VARNA useful to your research, please contribute to its continued development by citing its supporting manuscript:

VARNA: Interactive drawing and editing of the RNA secondary structure
Kévin Darty, Alain Denise and Yann Ponty
Bioinformatics, pp. 1974-1975, Vol. 25, no. 15, 2009

VARNA now ships in its 3-9 version.
Requirements: A version 1.6+ of the JAVA Virtual Machine (Standalone application version) or plugin (Applet version) is required to run VARNA. The latest version of the JVM can be found on Sun's JAVA site.
Troubleshooting/Feature request: Please feel free to report any bug and/or feature request, we will try our best to accommodate your requests.

Download Version Type File Size Description
VARNA Applet 3-93 Binaries VARNAv3-93.jar ~1 Megs Main binary distribution of the VARNA Applet
VARNA Sources 3-93 Bin/Src VARNAv3-93-src.jar ~2 Megs Binaries/sources bundled distribution of the VARNA Applet
VARNA API doc 3-93 HTML Files VARNAv3-93-API.jar ~2 Megs Bunch of Javadoc files describing the VARNA Panel component API

Alternatively, VARNA can be executed directly on your computer using this

JAVA web start version


Older releases of VARNA can be found below:

Download Version Type File Released
VARNA Applet 3-92 Binaries VARNAv3-92.jar February 2015
VARNA Sources Bin/Src VARNAv3-92-src.jar
VARNA API doc HTML Files VARNAv3-92-API.jar
VARNA Applet 3-91 Binaries VARNAv3-91.jar September 2014
VARNA Sources Bin/Src VARNAv3-91-src.jar
VARNA API doc HTML Files VARNAv3-91-API.jar
VARNA Applet 3-9 Binaries VARNAv3-9.jar November 2012
VARNA Sources Bin/Src VARNAv3-9-src.jar
VARNA API doc HTML Files VARNAv3-9-API.jar
VARNA Applet 3-8 Binaries VARNAv3-8.jar October 2011
VARNA Sources Bin/Src VARNAv3-8-src.jar
VARNA API doc HTML Files VARNAv3-8-API.jar
VARNA Applet 3-7 Binaries VARNAv3-7.jar September 2010
VARNA Sources Bin/Src VARNAv3-7-src.jar
VARNA API doc HTML Files VARNAv3-7-API.jar
VARNA Applet 3-6 Binaries VARNAv3-6.jar March 2010
VARNA Sources Bin/Src VARNAv3-6-src.jar
VARNA API doc HTML Files VARNAv3-6-API.jar
VARNA Applet 3-5 Binaries VARNAv3-5.jar February 2010
VARNA Sources Bin/Src VARNAv3-5-src.jar
VARNA API doc HTML Files VARNAv3-5-API.jar
VARNA Applet 3-4 Binaries VARNAv3-4.jar October 2009
VARNA Sources Bin/Src VARNAv3-4-src.jar
VARNA API doc HTML Files VARNAv3-4-API.jar
VARNA Applet 3-3 Binaries VARNAv3-3.jar August 2009
VARNA Sources Bin/Src VARNAv3-3-src.jar
VARNA API doc HTML Files VARNAv3-3-API.jar
VARNA Applet 3-2 Binaries VARNAv3-2.jar April 2009
VARNA Sources Bin/Src VARNAv3-2-src.jar
VARNA API doc HTML Files VARNAv3-2-API.jar
VARNA Applet 3-1 Binaries VARNAv3-1.jar February 2009
VARNA Sources Bin/Src VARNAv3-1-src.jar
VARNA API doc HTML Files VARNAv3-1-API.jar

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