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Various base-pairs representations: The BP styles example
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This examples demonstrates four styles of representations for base-pairs. Backgrounds of increasing gray levels are used to mark the boundaries of each panel.

Non-canonical base-pairs, which cannot be specified by parenthesis expresions, are added through the auxBPs parameter, using the Leontis-Westhof nomenclature.

Note to Firefox users: Certain versions of Firefox may be confused by self-signed certificates, and silently prevent the applet from running. If the frame above shows up empty, then try reloading the page.

<applet  code="VARNA.class"
	width=500" height="300">
	<param name="rows"  value="1" />
	<param name="columns" value="4" />
	<param name="sequenceDBN1"  value="GAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGUUC" />
	<param name="structureDBN1" value="(((....................)))" />
	<param name="auxBPs1" value="(4,23):edge5=wc,edge3=h,stericity=trans;
		(9,18):edge5=h,edge3=wc,stericity=cis" />
	<param name="rotation1" value="-20" />
	<param name="bpStyle1" value="none" />
	<param name="titleSize1" value="17" />
	<param name="title1" value="None" />
	<param name="background1" value="#E0E0E0" />
	<param name="bpStyle2" value="simple" />
	<param name="title2" value="Simple" />
	<param name="background2" value="#E8E8E8" />
	<param name="bpStyle3" value="rnaviz" />
	<param name="title3" value="RNAViz" />
	<param name="background3" value="#F0F0F0" />
	<param name="bpStyle4" value="lw" />
	<param name="title4" value="Leontis/Westhof" />
	<param name="background4" value="#FFFFFF" />

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